For us at Loomis Pay, it is important that we learn how to lead and motivate ourselves, as well as individuals and groups based on individual characteristics and needs. As an organization we want to become more motivated, committed, independent and results oriented.

We want you to understand how to develop flexibility in your leadership, based on your own characteristics, so you can meet the different needs from our employees and specific situations.

In the Loomis Pay program, you get insights into proven leadership models such as DISC, situational leadership and FIRO. These models proveds guidance and insights, and our leadership philosophy assumes that there is only one right way to lead - your own way - and you will have to understand yourself what that's mean to you.

  • You must understand your self-leadership, your unique qualities and how to overcome your obstacles to reach your objectives
  • You will learn methods to communicate so you create motivation, consensus and how you act to avoid conflicts
  • You should know how to think when you put together a group of people, and how lead them to take responsibility for our common goals
  • You will learn flexibility in your leadership to be able to handle the specific needs of all individuals and situations
  • You will be introduced to an effective method in 5 steps for how to plan and carry out successful change management
  • You need to know how to plan, carry out and follow up on a difficult conversation

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    • Introduction part 1

    • Introduction part 2

    • Lesson 1: Three important insights to develop your self-leadership

    • Lesson 2: Three concepts you need to keep apart

    • Lesson 3: Understand your characteristics and how they build your self-leadership

    • Lesson 4: Coach yourself to achieve the best results

    • Lesson 5: Use your superpowers and overcome your obstacles

    • Lesson 6: How to move out of your comfort zone

    • Lesson 7: Mental training

    • Lesson 8: Set your goals and objectives

    • Lesson 9: A five step approach to become more effective as a leader

    • Lesson 10: Summarizing the 5 steps

    • A few concluding words

    • Case study #1

    • Self-study #1

    • Self-study #2

    • Self-study #3

    • Self-study #4

    • Self-study #5

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